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Hospital Category: Cancer Treatment, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, Dental Clinic, Ear nose & throat (ENT), Hospital & Health Care, Neurology Center, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedic & Spine, Pediatric Health Care, and Vision CareHospital Tags: abscess, Adenoidectomy, Adnexal Tumors, Anovulation, Arrhythmia, Asperger Syndrome, Back pain, bad breath, Biopsies, blood clot, bonding, braces, Brain Aneurysm, brain damage, Breast Cancer), Breech Presentation, Bridges, Bypass, Cancer, Cancer Treatment, Cardiologist, Care, CAT scan, cells, Center, Cerebral Palsy, Cerebrospinal fluid analysis, Cervical Cancer, Cervicitis, Cervicitis Organism-Specific Therapy, CHD complications, child abuse therapy, Child neurology, Child Psychiatry, Children's dentist, Children's Health, Chiropractic, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, Clinic, Cognitive disorder treatments, Common Pregnancy Complaints and Questions, consultation, Contraception, Coronary heart disease, Crowns, deep brain stimulation, Dental, Dental Clinic, dental pediatrician, Dentures, Diabetes, dizziness, dry mouth, Ear, Ear nose & throat (ENT), Elective Abortion, Endometritis, ENT, Epilepsy, Esophagoscopy, Estimation of Fetal Weight, Estrogen Therapy, Fallopian Tube Disorders, family doctor, Family medicine, Functional Rhinoplasty, Genital Herpes in Pregnancy, Gingivitis, Gum surgery, Gum Treatment, Gynaecology, head injury, headaches, Health, heart attack, heart disease, heart transplant, Hemorrhage, High Blood pressure, HIV in Pregnancy, Huntington Disease, Hybrid PET/MRI testing, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Implant, Infertility, irregular heartbeat, Knee treatment, Laryngoplasty, Laryngoscopy, laser therapy, lymphoma, manipulative treatment, manual therapy, Massage, Melanoma, Menopause, Menorrhagia, Mood disorders, Motion Sickness, Multiple Sclerosis, muscle strain, Myringotomy, Neonatology, NeuroAIDS treatments, Neurological disorder, Neurology, Neurology Center, Normal and Abnormal Puerperium, Nose, Obstetrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, oncology, oral cancer, oral exam, Orthodontic, Orthopaedic, Orthopaedic & Spine, Osteopaths, ovarian cancer, Ovarian Cysts, pacemaker, Parkinson's Disease, PE Tubes, Pediatric, pediatric dentist, Pediatric Health Care, Pediatric infectious disease, Pediatric ophthalmology, Pediatric urology, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Periodontitis, Physiological studies, Physios, Physiotherapy), PLATELET RICH PLASMA, Postterm Pregnancy, Pregnancy Diagnosis, Prenatal Nutrition, Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Rehabilitation, rehabilitative exercises, research, Root Canal, sealants, Seizure, Septoplasty, Social pediatrics, spinal adjustment, spinal treatment, Spine, Sports injury, Stroke, Struma Ovarii, Teeth whitening, throat, Thyroid Surgery, Thyroidectomy, Tonsillectomy, tooth, tooth decay, Tooth Extraction, Tooth filling, tooth loss, toothache, Treatment, Tremor, tumor, Tympanomastoidectomy, Tympanoplasty, Vaginitis, Veneers, Vertigo, Vestibular, and Xerostomia

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    1. Rasitha Sonali Mediclinic city hospital
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      Life was all perfect,

      It was 02nd of July it all changed.i had a sever headache unbearable.i was driving on the highway on 311.i was feeling nausea n blackout.n I had both my babies wth me 6 years my daughter n 4 years my son.i told them muma is sick just tell me the road to go home.

      God is great.i do not know how I came but I reached home safely thanks to smart kids who guided me through out.

      My husband rushed home.took me to al zara I was in emergency I was vomiting through out.i had a sever back ache n same time my chest was aching too n with the unbearable headache.The emergency doctor Wanted to do some X-ray.eveythn was normal.they treated me for sinus n gave me medicine n send home.n my headache is still unbearable.

      On Tuesday 03rd july.situation haven\’t changed.i was so terribly sick.took the painkillers which was given for sinus.but nothing seem to change.

      04th july again we went to al Zara -barsha.i made an appointment wth Neurology & headache specialist dr Ayman. He asked about any migrants history with me.and I have never ever had such headache through out my life.anyways doctor wanted to do an CT scan n put me on IV n admitted me on that day.CT scan was all normal.but my headache has not settled n I\’m vomiting too.they Anyways gave me medicine for migraine n discharged me on Thursday.

      Friday,Saturday I was suffering with the same pain.i called Mediclinic n luckily I got an cancelled appointment with dr derk on Sunday 08th july at 2pm

      I was suffering the headache is something I can\’t explain.i was not able to put my head upright I was vomiting n headache is unbearable.

      When I visited mediclinic,DR Derk asked my history and he came n held my back n under my neck n I could not take that pain.immediately Dr wanted to do MRI scan and a following with a lumber puncher.and they diagnosed that I have a absolutely rare condition of CSF leak. N my brain was swelled as per MRI scan.

      09th july doctors came and explained me what has happend.

      Dr Derk,Dr mordani and Dr heidi.they explained me and my family what the procedure they gonna do.they had to identify where is the leak is happening n at the same time after identifying they will do a blood patch.CT Radiology treatment.

      Yes it\’s a challenge as no general anaesthesia was given while the needles were send through my spinal was only local anaesthesia.

      God is great.He gave me strength.

      10th july at 12 o\’clock they took me for the procedure at mediclinic n I was confident with my doctors.they explained all what they gonna do to me.i had to be supportive to them to succeed it.

      Yeah after 2 n half hours procedure it was successful n I was able to keep my head straight.but as doctors advised us before this may be have to repeated if in case I get the similar headache.

      I was discharged on 11th after all observations.

      But things changed again on 23rd July from around 8.30 again the same headache same symptoms vomiting n I was dissy.immediately my husband rushed me to mediclinic to DR Derk.

      As they informed me before doctors said I have to do the second blood patch.and the very next day 24th july doctor mordani Dd the procedure again.

      25th july doctor Derk dr mordani n dr Heidi. Visited me and observed me and advised for a physiotherapy treatment to check on my walking and my neck as I\’m unable to turn my all fine not having the headache anymore☺️

      Why I wanted to write about this.

      CSF leak is not a common sickness thanks to DR Derk krieger in mediclinic they did the correct diagnosis.this is what matters the most.

      The steps that they took gave me confidence that I\’ll b fine.

      Headache:it\’s unbearable i got that headache only on my forehead n I couldn\’t be upright position at all.i was vomiting through out.

      I want to recommend mediclinic and definitely for any neurological specialist if u all our looking dr. derk krieger will be the best.and not forgetting dr jk Mordani and dr Heidi.i want to thank u all staff at mediclinic and the doctors who supported
      Me through out the procedures.

      Miracles do happen in life.i am grateful today to all the doctors who treated me n giving me life to sit with my family n smile.

    2. Loraine Siason Mediclinic city hospital
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      Less People Center Facility though the Nuclear Technician’s are great more concern with the patient.

      Saudi German Hospital is so great with customer service.

      Patient with radiation knowingly is under emotional & mental stressed are advise to read a piece of paper with dos & donts after discharge.

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    Upon opening in 2008, Mediclinic City Hospital was the first multi-disciplinary hospital in Dubai Healthcare City.  As a state-of-the-art healthcare facility, it has continued to dominate Dubai’s healthcare landscape in terms of the quality of its medical staff, the breadth of services it offers and the standard of equipment it operates.
    With 229 beds, Mediclinic City Hospital can accommodate patients with a wide range of individual health requirements. We offer specialist-focused treatment in the areas of cardiology, radiology, gynaecology, trauma, nuclear medicine, endocrinology , obstetrics, neonatal care and many others. We offer advanced levels of diagnosis and treatment, ensuring every patient receives the highest levels of international-standard healthcare.
    Mediclinic City Hospital is part of Mediclinic Middle East and wholly owned by Mediclinic International, one of the 10 largest listed private hospital groups in the world. This means that Mediclinic City Hospital, and its patients, are able to benefit from the huge bank of knowledge and expertise available in its 66 sister facilities in Southern Africa and Switzerland.
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